The Universal Language is…

The Universal Language is Love, and we communicate it mostly with music. This is HMB's list :) Enjoy!

Music is really powerful. It’s a universal language that connects everyone.

Alyson Stoner

The Universal Language of the Universe is vibration. Because everything is, in fact, waves in motion in a forever expanding ocean of tunes, aka vibes. Jupiter sings, and so does Venus. Mars swings, and so does the Sun. The Universe vibrates, and matter follows wave after wave. We like it or not: so do we. When we are on the higher end of the tune, we feel in heaven. But, when we are at the lowest part of it, we feel pure hell. It all depends on the vibes. Love is on the higher end and the lack of it on the lower end.

The most potent vibration we can enjoy, create, and share is music. With music, we can communicate feelings, uplift spirits, forget grammar, and touch one another’s soul. We can be rebellious, reactive, proactive, creative, outrageous, cheesy… We can be whatever we want if we just let us be caught up with the vibes. We get energy with a specific playlist, cheesy with another, and concentrated with yet another one.

Hearing the music and feeling the music are two different worlds

For the most part of my life, I’ve been hearing the music (not feeling it at all): more into the lyrics than the tunes. Despite being quite a butt-mover at parties, my shaking moves were more with the bass and drums, moving like one reads poetry. One, two… left… one, two, three… right. Repeat. After all the shaking, feet swapping, pirouettes, and hair jump extravaganzas, it never occurred to me that I was just at the surface of it all. I just heard the music taking it in as one takes grammar for granted when speaking one’s native tongue.

And then, one day, after many thousand moons, I felt it.

If you meditate, you probably know what I’m talking about. The more you meditate, the more seconds of bliss you get. These seconds of connection with everything bring peace like a wave and gives you enough magic for the rest of the day. The day I merged with music for the first time, I went “Alice in Wonderland” and allowed myself to feel a full track.

I’ve been collecting tracks that tune with my core ever since enjoying music in a new light. Below you can find some of them in a Spotify list. Be aware that I tend to be more on the cheesy and fluffy vibe. However, I do hope that you find these inspiring enough to step out of your comfort zone a bit and join me in the unknown.

Enjoy the list on Spotify

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Paradise Lost – White Flag (on Vevo)

It’s no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then

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