Find your Niche, and you’ll be the Superhero

Be like Spidey! The next-door Superhero

Blogs work best when they belong to a defined topic: their Niche. Sharing far too many topics on your blog will make it very confusing for your audience. Instead, when you focus on one topic (or two), you can make the Niche all yours.

The key to success isn’t doing many things, or everything, or ”what that blog I just read does.” Instead, it’s all about sharing everything about the one topic that you love.

(Yes: choose the one topic you love because you’ll share all about it, and it will show how knowledgeable you are about it!)

Wait! I don’t know my Niche!

Okay, let’s say that you love several different topics, and you want to share about all of those. And let’s say that only two are interconnected.

The best course of action here is to share those two topics, and then when you’ve established yourself in your Niche, you can share a new topic with the audience that follows you and loves you.

Another alternative is to create a different blog. But that’s a lot of work. (I know, because I have other blogs, and it can be daunting at times).

The best course of action is getting strong in one Niche first. And once you’re okay in that one, you can also enter another Niche.

But do I really have to wait? Why?

One of the reasons for waiting until you’ve established yourself as the Queen of the Niche (or one of the Queens) is because you don’t want your audience to get confused. Doing it too early can scare them away, and all the efforts you’ve been making until that point will be lost.

So, waiting is vital not to mess up the message and have a happy audience eager to know more about you, your blog, your ideas, and everything you know about that topic.

Once you’re established and rocking the Niche, then you can share another topic (a different one), explaining what you love about it.

It’s a good idea to have topics separated (not on the same blog)

Even when you’re established, having two completely different topics on the same blog isn’t a good idea. New people discovering your blog can get confused. However, creating another blog and sharing to your audience what you do regularly works marvels. They won’t be confused. Instead, most of them will be eager to know more.

Don’t be shy! Show off!

Spidey uses spandex, and so does Superman. Both show off quite a lot. In fact, even if their identities are hidden, Superheroes show off all the time: muscles, wisdom, power, beauty… you name it!

You have to do the same! Show off and make it clear that you know a lot about your Niche. Don’t be shy and step out of your comfort zone like the Superhero you are!

Dare to fly high!