Fashion up your blog: how design can help you out

The fashion of your blog defines its character, the message, and you

Fashion isn’t just a pair of stilettos; it goes beyond cloth and color. Fashion explains personalities, attitudes, and messages. So, we spend countless hours choosing our nightgown for a party or make our loved one wait because we want to appear as the most beautiful creature on Earth.

And yet, some of us have forgotten fashion in some parts of our lives. We call it design when we talk about furniture. However, fashion, as a broad term, can also be used for blogs.

How much thought have you given to the colors of your blog? Are they consistent, or do you change everything on each post?

How much thought have you given to the font you use on your blog?

What about the banners? The links-style? Or how the blog looks overall when you take all those details into account?

What about the spaces between the lines?

I know: it’s starting to feel overwhelming.

Fashion up your blog and slay it, babe

Take a long look at your blog and make a list of those things you haven’t thought about (or cared about) until you found this post. Consider the following:

  • Colors and how many of them.
  • Do those colors fit together or not.
  • The font(s) you’re using on your blog (that includes the banners)
  • What are the rules for fonts (when do you use bold, for example)
  • The spaces between lines
  • How many posts do you show up on each page (and how do they show up)
  • Do you have a logo? If so, where is it? What colors does it have? What font ( if any)?
  • Etc!

I’m serious here: notice every single detail and make a list. Then notice what’s not working.

If you have more things to fix that you can handle, I recommend you to re-design the whole blog entirely.

I know it sounds harsh, but it’ll save you time and money.

Kill what doesn’t work

I know: I’m a harsh one. But this is precisely what you have to do with things that don’t work: kill them. If it’s just one, be happy because that’s quick.

However, as I mentioned before, if there’re too many things to fix, it’s better to change everything completely.

Use the changes in your favor

Use significant changes as something positive. That you spotted what wasn’t working fashion-wise is good news.

Take this opportunity to give a new image to your blog and keep it up consistent. Your audience will remember you easily, and you’ll be able to attract more people to your backyard.

Keep the design/fashion of your blog SIMPLE

I can’t stress this strongly enough, but here I go: keep it simple!

The worse thing you can do is ending up with something confusing, too crowded, too messy. Keep things simple, and make sure that whatever design you end up choosing, it doesn’t interfere with the readability of the blog.

Now: how fashionable is your blog?

Fashion will help your blog’s personality

Having a simple yet compelling design that makes your blog stylish and readable will make it not only highly shareable but also easy to remember.

When things are consistent and straightforward, they’re easy to remember. Also, people will recognize it and spot it easier if they have simple references to remember.

So, how can fashion help you out? Not by making it stylish, and that’s all about it. Fashion helps in making your blog alive on its own and easily recognizable.

And when it’s stylish and nice, and the content is excellent, people want to share it.