Don’t be shy and share your opinion

The key to becoming an authority is to share your opinion unapologetically

As a woman, I’ve been called bossy more times than I can count. The reason has always been the same: I dared to share my opinion openly without a “sorry” embedded anywhere while I was talking.

Society has taught us those good girls have to act as shy creatures and apologize when sharing their opinions. However, that’s not the way to go.

Good little girls may go to heaven. But bad little girls go everywhere.

But what is a bad girl?

Someone who isn’t shy of showing off how much they know.

Someone confident in sharing her opinions.

Someone who some men might describe as “opinionated” or “bossy” just because she’s confident.

Someone who isn’t following society’s rules and being a badass.

Be outrageous: share and show off

I’m not saying that you just talk about yourself all of the time. I’m just saying that you should share your opinion, your knowledge, and your true self. Showing how much you know about a specific topic, showing that you love pink and animal-printed tees, and even indicating that you hate coffee is an excellent way to go because you’re setting an example for other people to do the same.

That’s correct. Don’t limit yourself because it helps others do the same.

Share your opinion. It’ll help someone make a decision.

Share your knowledge. You’ll help someone fix something.

Share your likes and dislikes. You’ll help someone who likes things like you buying from that brand.

Sharing is caring. Sharing is creating authority.

When you share your knowledge online, you’re helping someone. It means that you care about your audience.

While you help your audience, you’re creating authority for yourself. You’ll be the to-go girl for that topic, and people will visit your blog, share it, and be happy to know more about what you have to say next.

People love to share things that make them cool. If you share quality, people will want to share your thoughts, opinions, blogs, and videos.

So: don’t be shy! Share, share, share, and show off, girl!