Be a rebel in the COVID-19 era: embrace change

The rebel attitude during this new era of pandemics is to embrace change, something humans seem to be pretty allergic and resistant to.

Change is the only constant thing in the Universe

The rebel attitude during this new era of pandemics is to embrace change, something humans seem to be pretty allergic and resistant to.

We’ve gone through stages of outrage, sadness, and sheer acceptance. And yet, we haven’t grasped the opportunities that this lockdown is offering to us, if only we embrace change.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, stated that the only constant in life is change. Which is, to our horror, true.

We love our self-made comfort zones, even if these aren’t ideal. We defend them while we suffer, and we keep on following what we think we should do, just because other people tell us to do so. Because we believe it’s safe.

Because it feels safe.

But change, even a negative one, has the potential to open new opportunities to you. Only if you change your perspective.

You are the one choosing a certain experience: that of gratitude and happiness, or that of sorrow and pain. It’s up to us!

If we control how we feel, the world changes

We can stay home and feel miserable because you cannot meet your friends, lover, dog which is at your mum’s or even your working colleagues; Or we can chill and start plotting an online showoff of massive proportions.

Not only this massive quarantine has made rethink companies that working from home is not only possible in many instances, but remote is the most viable option (not only now but in the foreseeable future); but also it has shifted our attitudes towards life.

Suddenly, meeting your friends on Zoom wearing your pj’s and without any makeup is not a horror movie anymore.

What felt important before, fades away giving place to something new.

For some of us, a bug didn’t make us exactly question ourselves, our life, or what the heck we were thinking. Life got funky way before COVID-19 rock our economies and families.

My life has been a rollercoaster for months before the bug closed us home forcing us to look ourselves in the mirror and look at all the good and the evil.

The only thing that I could effectively control was something as simple as how I felt about the situation at any given time.

I got separated

I had two choices: feel the victim of the narrative and hence cry an ocean, or feel the survivor and create a new life for myself.

I chose to be a survivor

First of all, feeling like a victim isn’t cool. It means that whatever happens to you will be a horror movie and that everything happens to you. You have no power whatsoever, and you cannot change our circumstances. Plus, it also means that you need a savior to not only help you but also make you happy.

Secondly, being a victim entails that there’s nothing you can do to change. Which is against nature. You see: the only constant is change. Anything else is but transitory!

So: I chose to be a survivor.

Survivor mode doesn’t mean that I became MadMax.

It just means that I acknowledge all that change, I allow my feelings to happen and then I choose what it’s best for me.

Gratitude is the first step towards happiness

Again: a choice when confronted with unavoidable change.

I can either feel resentful and feel bitter towards a certain experience. Or be grateful that I had it and make the most of it.

When you feel bitter, all that energy goes into things like raging, gossiping, feeling bad, crying, sulking, talking with friends about how bad you feel (and let’s start again with it!)

When you feel grateful and you open the door to contentment and choose to allow yourself feeling good, things happen: ideas pop up in your head, you remember something you wanted to do a long time ago, you paint a wall and be so proud of it that you celebrate it eating donuts.

Everything is an experience. Be grateful that you had it. Learn from it, and go to the next page because it’s going to be awesome.

If we embrace change, are grateful, and choose feeling good, our world will change dramatically

And then, going out of the comfort zone won’t frighten us anymore.

So, tell me: what things changed for you during lockdown?